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  • Hello,
    Looking for a load sling for a mystery ranch guide light frame. Wondering if you had any available.
    Howdy. Interested in some totes/covers for some dutch ovens and other misc. cast iron cookware. The totes they came with were junk and rapidly fell apart. Looking for zippered heavy canvas with leather reinforcing. Interested? Happy to send makes/models/measurements. Thanks!
    Hello. Would like to order a meat packing bag for putting full meat bags into before putting them into my pack. The bag was described to me by fellow member Kevin Dill and is of a tapered design that prevents the meat from lumping up in the bottom of my pack. If you will do this for me I will provide you with pics and exact specs. Thanks.
    Good morning. I would like to order a Nalgene holder for SG X-curve in foliage/black. Please let me know how to submit payment. Thanks.
    Hello, I have one of you H2O holders for my stone glacier x curve. I noticed a pic you posted and your frame was loaded with meat. You had a nice belt pocket on the left side of the belt. I am sure you made it, do you have one similar that will fit the x curve medium belt. I don't like the small pockets stone glacier sell. Thanks
    Hey there. I'm looking to have some custom straps made for my MR cabinet. Are you still available for custom work ?


    I am wanting to order the following nalgene bottle holder for my exo:

    Exo with hook Velcro in slot:
    *Ranger green w/ black

    What do I need to do to order one?

    Hi, you were recommended to me by someone who said you know the mr guide light Frame very well. I just bought a pintler and am having trouble with it not being very comfortable and not handling weight that well. I am very new to this, I have a badlands 2200 that I was going to run but decided to try what I thought was better. I feel the 2200 is actually alittle more comfortable and hauls 45# as well. I must be doing something wrong with adjustment or something. Just wondering if you could share some info that might help. I am thinking of ordering an exo 2000 and trying that also. Thanks
    Hey got the water bottle holder. Love it. I know you make belt pouches? I’d love to have a small belt pouch to fit a EXO in black if you have any
    Pack came today. It is pretty awesome and the craftsmanship is second to none. Sincerely appreciate the sale. If you come down to durango, hit me up.

    Hey pods8, I'm very interested in getting a couple of pouches made. I have a hunting bike that I think it'd like to have made to mount on my handle bars prob 8x6 inches and then a rangefinder pouch with elastic cover for easy access that I can put on my bino harness strap. I would like to have those in multi cam. I don't know how much you may need, but I've got a little leftover from my bike seat cover I made. Any idea price or how much you may need for the job? Thanks in advance. We can discuss more in detail when you can! And you may be swamped so whenever you have some time! Thanks!
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