Hunters in Need!


Feb 24, 2012
So I have seen on a few other sites guys that have been fortunate helping out those a little less fortunate. Made me kind of wonder if there is anyone on this site in need. Would like to help a fellow hunter out and have a few items I would like to pass on to a deserving person.

If anyone is in need of the below items or knows of anyone that could use some the below gear send me a pm with an address and I'll mail ity out.

Off the top of my head:

1 - Browning Hells Canyon Jacket in MOB size L
1 - 2009 Bushnell Chuck Adams rangefinder

I have a few other items as well but thought I'd start small, also if anyone else wants to jump in feel free to post up on this thread. Now let's try to help others and not just get free stuff.
Oct 19, 2012
Western Montana
The dies are spoken for guys. Thanks.

That's a great idea. Over on the Nosler site they call it "Pay it Forward". Just like you have dotman, put it out there if there is something you have that you might be able to help a fellow sportsman out with, or sell really cheap. It's a great idea. I have a set of RCBS dies for a .38/357 magnum that have never been used. Would like to see them go to someone who could use them. I only load my rifles and just never got into loading for my pistol, and I don't even own a 357 any more.

They are $41.49 and I will let someone have them for $20.00 and $5.00 shipping. PM me! I know there is a classifieds, but this is pretty cheap and I believe I have the same sentiment behind it as dotman is expressing. I have done some other things over on the Nosler site (great bunch of guys by the way) that were Pay it Forward, but I cannot think of anything right now that I have to give to someone so they can enjoy the great outdoors with us. Nice job doman by the way, very generous sir!
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Aug 30, 2012
Albuquerque NM
A pay it forward forum makes a lot of sense. Hammock forums has one, and it seems to do some brisk business, but my post count over there is not high enough to read the posts and see how much of that traffic is brisk business for the less fortunate. I am not saying how much I would contribute, but I love the idea of taking items worth a certain percentage of the items I would be selling in the classified and donating them to someone. It would beat storing things after repeated "price dropped" posts. I frequently want to clean out the closet to fund new purchases, but given my situation now I need to save a long time for purchases. Being able to give away gear as I replace it would be really cool. I know how hard it is to make ends meet and I know that while times are tough someone out there has it worse than me.

Sorry, I am up past my bedtime, and really tired. I babble at those times.