Feb 27, 2012
Treasure Valley, ID
Just thought I would finally introduce myself on here, I've been watching and reading since the site went live. Awesome site guys!

I currently live and go to school in Northern California (the real Northern CA, not the Bay area) and have been hunting backcountry blacktails since the age of 12. All of my elk and mule deer hunting has taken place in Eastern OR, which is amazing. I thought that deer hunting was fun, then I found elk hunting. I would say that I try to spend as much time hunting as I can, whether it be deer, elk, waterfowl, or turkeys. I'm going to start branching out and spend more time hunting in the wilderness areas, and will be putting together a bivy system for hunting on my own, but on a college students budget, I will have to make up for it by having a stronger back. Looking forward to reading more here and offering my input when I can.

Michael Kauffman