Hanwag Makra Trek vs Combi

Aug 31, 2022
I will start off by saying I have been a silent consumer of Rokslide information for over half a decade, simply by googling the product I wanted to know something about followed by Rokslide. I decided a couple months ago that I wanted to start giving back after all of the information I have taken and this is going to be my first real post.
To start the year I really wanted to find some detailed information about the Hanwag Makra Trek vs Combi. I hated the fit of the Crispi Colorados that I was using and wanted to make the jump (loved the stiffness). I found the Treks at a local store and really liked how they fit my foot, and ended up also buying the Combis later on as they are pretty much the same upper. Here is a comparison for folks out there and I hope it helps:
Upper: Of course it changes foot to foot, but I find a high amount of variability to lace these boots down and form them to my feet. They are the same upper construction for the most part. I was wary about there lacing system not being metal, but have had no problems and it holds well. There is a little larger rand surface area on the Combi but not by much.

Insoles: Just replace them on any footwear you buy as usual.
Outsole: The Treks have deeper “lugs” and are better built for softer/wetter ground, and have a toe cap unlike the Combi. The outsole on the Trek has more cushion than the Combi and this appears to be by design. The Combi is noticeable stiffer than the Trek and really starts to perform in the alpine off trail with foot stability in my opinion.

Final Notes: If you are a hard packed trail pounder in the summer to stay in shape and looking for one pair of all around boots, I would gravitate toward the Trek in my opinion. The Combi becomes very thin in the outsole at the toe (to be more delicate and technical in alpine terrain) and to me becomes very uncomfortable after a lot of miles especially moving briskly because there is no cushion there. I took the Combis up Mt. Elbert for a test run, they were a dream going up, but became very uncomfortable descending after a few miles due to the lack of cushion, my feet felt pretty bruised. Off trail, they are great as I stated for foot stability. The Trek to me offers more all day comfort on your feet. The imagine the story will be a little different slowing hunting vs getting places quickly in the off-season, but for my alpine fishing obsession I tend to grab the Trek.

I enjoyed sharing my OPINIONS here, and hope this helps someone that is on the fence.