Great pictures of topo maps

Mar 4, 2012
Western Colorado
I have all of you, seen a bazillion GREAT pictures in magazines and on line of hunters diligently looking at their topo's, GPS in their hand and compass placed in the photo somewhere as well. I have met in the forest or anywhere else for that matter hunters w/GPS topo's etc., that have just come right out and stated.....I carry it but don't know how to work them that well.
I love the fact that I can hunt anywhere and after some time sit a spell and with the right topo for the area I am in figure out where I am. Learned some of what I know from my military time and some from one of RokSlides sponsors...Kifaru (Topo tutorial).
Do yourself and your family a favor and check it out. Always good to go over the basic's.
How about you?
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thanks for the link , i am going to use it for my boy scouts to help them learn