Eyesight question

Mar 30, 2012
My mom recently got into archery, my siblings and I got her a bow for Mother's Day last year last year, and I convinced her to shoot leagues with me this year.
She shoots pretty well but after the first week she started complaining that she sees too many pins. She is farsighted and wears glasses to see anything closer than a couple feet away. She shoots a single pin sure loc with a regular housing not a scope. After doing a little research we switched her peep to a super peep and put a verifier lens in it. After trying a few different lenses she decided on a #6 which solved the problem and cleared the pin up perfectly, so we bought it and left the pro shop. The next week at leagues she discovered that the verifier cleared up the pin but made it so everything down range was so blurry she couldn't shoot, so I just pulled the lens out so she could get through the round.
We tried a #5 and a #7 verifier and they both made the pins worse.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Maybe a scope housing with a lens and a clarifier lens?
Switching from a .19 green fiber to a .10 blue fiber and no lenses?
Feb 27, 2012
Des Moines, Iowa
That is a tough one. I used a Verifier to see my pins and it helped tremendously, while not clouding my distance vision. They suggest you use the lightest magnification possible. I would think the larger the pin, the better. Blue is the most difficult for most people to see, while green is the easiest.


Feb 24, 2012
Bend Oregon
I used a power peep from the day Freddie Troncoso invented them in the 70's. As i got older and my close vision deteriorated, I found they worked less and less. Because of my close vision problems I now can see perfectly clear targets with a 5x or 6x lens and no peep. I select the peep size that will encircle my scope (3/32), use a 5x lens and everything works fine.
A scope lens/peep sight, eye combo works just like a camera and aperture, the smaller the aperture, the greater the fov and the less light available. In other words, higher the power of the lens, the smaller the peep hole needs to be, and the darker the target will be. A power peep (clarifier) will clear up the target but will blur the lens dot, much like painting a dot on your binos. A verifier, as you found out clears up the close vision but blurs the target.
You could go to the archery shop and have her look thru different magnification lenses, at arms length and see if her vision will clear up the lens as mine does. That will be her best solution because she will be able to pick a peep that fits the scope housing and doesn't cut light transmission.
Jul 19, 2012
Great Falls, MT
First things first.... She needs to get an eye exam and determine exactly what her refractive error is. Even is she sees well in the distance without glasses in the distance, there is a possibility that she still could have some prescription that will definitely cause some problems.

So now we have her distance vision figured out, we can work on it from there.
1) Get a smaller scope housing (lens or not) and keep with the .019 pin. Blue or green are the best colors. I suggest 1 3/8th or smaller (sure loc and truspot make smaller ones.
2) keep the Specialty peep housing, but see if you can clear the pin WITHOUT a verifier first. Get the smallest peep possible to allow her center her new, smaller, scope housing completely with little to no extra space around the outside when looking through the peep.
3) If that does not work, start with the same size peep, and the lowest power verifier you can, and work up from there.

If you decide she wants to try the scope lens there are a few things to keep in mind
1) NOTHING you do with the lens power in the scope will effect the clarity of the pin or aiming device, period.
2) Start low with your power, this way you will most likely not need to use a clarifier (which will make the pins even more blurry)
3) Remember, if you magnify the target, you magnify the "wiggle" in your shot, this can cause beginner archers to get jumpy or shoot a weak shot
4) a verifier will NOT work with a scope lens
5) a lens, even if 0 power, would allow her to use a aiming dot or ring, this works great for some people and may be a good option for her. Another option would be a true spot scope.... then there is no aiming device to worry about at all.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me, I am an optometrist and build scope lenses. I would be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.