Did a little scouting yesterday

Mar 4, 2012
Western Colorado
Looked everywhere for my camera before I left the house so no pic's to share. Went in to where I had intended to camp and attempt to find a better trail to a great NORTH FACING water seep via of course any bovine trails available.
Compass , map and GPS came in handy many times. This way in did not work as too much uphill and I ended up 200 yards passed where I wanted to go.
Had my Black Lab with me (65Lb). She has found me so many water holes and never gets far from me. Found two new water sources that she was able to swim in they were so deep. We have been getting afternoon showers over the past 10 days.
Case in point on her wandering away.
We get 150 yards from where we want to be and I see brown movement. Use the tree's to conceal movement tell my dog to stay and I get in to 75 yards, turn around she is still where I stated stay. 5 Cow Elk, 1 Calf that through the bino's still had faded spots, 1 5x5 and one other branch antlered Elk I could not make out. Watched them for 15 minutes at least.
I back out, up and over and 40 minutes later have a 6x6 Bull that gives me time to glass him at 40 yards broadside for 10 seconds and then walks away.
Numerous times I have found the bulls with cows instead of in bachelorhood groups. Perhaps that is true moreso for smaller Bulls. Also, I used treking poles for the first time hiking instead of only for snowshoeing wow less leg and back fatigue X10. Also be sure to cut your toenails before the season gets here owwww! Great day