CO Road Trip Partner for 3rd Season?


Mar 2, 2012
Derby, KS
Fellaz - I am headed to CO for 3rd season deer/elk this fall. Season dates are 3-11 Nov. Last year I drove solo and I did two days each way. I would like to bring my meat way to do that is to drive.

Anyone headed there that might want to link up for the road trip to split driving, fuel costs, etc? I have a hunting buddy I will hook up with in Denver once I arrive so I don't need a hunting partner...just looking to see if anyone wants to consider traveling together.

I will be traveling very light as my hunt is a backpack I shouldn't need much room.

I am active duty military, I don't do drugs, I don't drink and drive and I live in Navarre, FL.

If interested and you want to discuss possibilities, shoot me a pm.