Clothing for September Archery Elk and October Texas Aoudad


Jun 1, 2017
Hey guys, this year I’m going on two warmer weather hunts. First is early archery elk where TBD but let’s assume Colorado. Second is West Texas Aoudad. Archery elk is from what I see going to be 80’s and 40’s, and Texas will be 90’s and 50’s. Side note is that I run extremely hot. Based on that this is pretty much what I plan on wearing:

-Kuiu Kutana pants
-Kuiu 145 hooded zip tee

in pack:
-Rain Gear (probably FL SEAK bc already have it)
-FL Klamath
-Stone Glacier Gruman Jacket
-extra underwear and socks

The main questions I have are: 1.For rain gear is the SEAK set too much? and do I take the rain pants or not? 2. Should I take the Klamath fleece or leave it behind? 3. The Gruman is more for Early Elk but have seen that it can get nasty cold real quick in west Texas. So just making sure I’m not crazy for taking it 4. Do you guys take an extra base layer like the 145 hooded one, for say a 6 day backpack elk trip? 5. How many extra pairs of socks and underwear per day?

thanks for the help guys