choosing a location to setup camp?


Mar 28, 2012
SE Wisconsin
Due to my normal hunting area burning I will be doing my first bivy style hunt, although will be more like setting up a base camp unless i need to move locations due to lack of elk sign. I was planning on this originally for the 2013 season for more time to gear up.

So, what do you guys look for in a camp location?

high or low elevation?
near water? (as ill need to filter, but there is tons of water where im going)
area that you think is safer from lightning/weather?
in the trees or a meadow?
above timberline?

what is important to you guys when choosing where to setup camp?


May 9, 2012
Shasta County, CA
In a perfect world It is within about a 15-20 minute walk to where I want to start glassing/hunting in the morning. I camp up high but not too high, I like to setup camp in the timber whenever possible this breaks up the wind and rain a little, I don't camp next to the tallest tree to protect against lightning. I try to stay as close to water as possible while still keeping my short walk in the morning. I stay away from the tops of ridges or saddles leading in to the drainage or basin I am planning on hunting the next morning. I sweat when I sleep and I don't want to spook everything out of that basing when a gust of wind sends my smell down the mountain.