Broadhead tuning- my experience and solution


Apr 28, 2012
This my experience with broadhead tuning and the odd solution to my problem. Just wanted to see what others thoughts might be.

I recently began BH tuning my Hoyt Alphamax 32. I was having problems getting the BH's and the field points to group. My windage was perfect. My elevation was another story. I would adjust rest up and down trying to get them to group. Either the BH would be dead center and the field point high or the field points would be dead center and the BH's low by about 3-5 inches. I was driving myself crazy.

In my frustration I started tinkering with different setups and tried a different brand nock, something a little lighter. Crazy enough, with the lighter nock, my BH's fly awesome and group with my FP's, however the lighter nocks cause the FP's to group a little high, about 2-3 inches.

So my solution is to shoot my hunting arrows with BH's using the lighter nocks and shoot my practice arrows with the heavier nocks. I don't have to change my sight or rest at all and I am spot on with both out to 40 yds. I plan to hit the range this weekend and test out to 80 yds and see if the results are the same.

The nocks are only 4 grains apart, 5g vs 9g. But the difference works for me.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? It's hard for me to understand 4gmaking such a difference, but the proof is in the pudding.