Alecvg's late blacktail thread


Mar 3, 2012
Well I decided I am gonna keep a continuous thread of my late muzzleloader blacktail hunt. As a few of you know, I have been in Idaho guiding the last four months or so, so this is my first and only hunt of the year for myself. This morning was my first morning out, left a little late, pulled into my hunting area and there were two does on the road. Headed to the treestand and passed on a spike that came out after being there a half hour or so. Not having tree stand hunting before I was getting real bored after a couple hours, and was texting shanevg about how bored and cold I was after wading across the creek to get to the stand. In the middle of a text I saw a deer working its way across the clearcut, and saw it was one of the big bucks Shane got pictures of on his trail camera, so I pull up and waited for a good shot, click. Pull back the hammer again, squeeze the trigger, click. After cussing a bit and checking the nipple, I pull up again, squeezed the trigger and shot. Clean miss. I'm going to give the area a break for the day and head in again in the morning. Stay Tuned!