2013 Colorado DIY???

Oct 25, 2012
Hello to everyone. I was fortunate to be directed to this site by a few of the members here in regards to a Colorado DIY hunt for next year. So far the site is pretty amazing with alot of interesting threads! I am new to the western hunting world and elk. I live down in Texas so call me a flat lander if you like, I don't mind! I have been doing plenty of research for a while now and getting serious with my efforts. I have always wanted to do this type of hunt and will most certainly get addicted for sure. It will be a success just being in God's country but at the same time I'd love to burn a tag like everyone here.

At the moment I am looking into some wilderness areas. Weiminuche, San Juan, Snowmass, and maybe West Elk. Havn't quite made my mind up yet so I am turning to you guys that are experts (compared to me) for some advice and guidance. I am looking for units that are less crowded and don't allow vehicles. I don't have an atv so being in a unit that has one would probably put me at a disadvantage. I will most likely be doing a solo backpack hunt and spike/bivy camp. Hoping to do 7 days of actual hunting. I have even considered getting packed in and out but havnt made my mind up. will depend on cost.

I have been pouring through the dow website, looking at aerial photos, topo maps, and just about all other info piecing it together. I know that some of the areas i mentioned are rugged terrain. Thats why I have started working out 6 days a week already. I also have been studying up on the climate at high altitudes and aware of what to prepare for. I have a great idea of what gear I may need and been narrowing down that category. Any input there would be appreciated though. I know how to quarter an animal in the field using the gutless method as i have done it on whitetail several times. The anatomy is basically the same but the size is all thats really different.

I do plan on learning to use elk calls. Will try to learn as much as I can as far as when to use what calls and be able to recognize what the elk are "saying" if i am lucky enough to hear them. Hopefully this will give me a better idea of what to reply in return if a reply is needed. I WILL NOT be a newbie that blows a bugle every 20 mins and cow calls in between. There is a place for everything and hunting public animals that are already educated is not one of them. I hunt with a philosophy that I usually always call at what I can see/hear. And I am more subtle than aggressive. But I am new to calling elk so all advice there would be great. Any ideas of good cow calls, bugles, bugle tubes, instructional videos, ect.

If anyone has any great input then please feel free to add to the post. If you would like to answer with more specifics then feel free to pm. I do have some questions about certain areas that i would like to ask.

Thanks for your time, Dan