2012 Oregon Antelope !!!


May 2, 2012
MyBuckBest (1).jpg4 Point Sharp.jpgBig Mule Center.jpgWell finally had a tag after 13 yrs and had to draw as a non resident since i moved to idaho. My dad and i both had tags for the unit #1 and my brother has #2 so hopefully he can have some success.
I had scouted the unit several times and some some good bucks but nothing great! We were sitting on a glassing spot opening morning where i had previously seen an ok buck scouting and within an hour had him spotted feeding in his usually area about 1/2 mile away. I was pulling out the spotting scope when he disappeared. At the same time my dad spotted a buck with more mass about the same distance away but this buck decided he didn't like the area and motored out of there (looked for him for a few days but could never turn him up again.) Anyways that took my mind of the buck that disappeared for a few minutes to only have him reappear back in his usually spot. We were able to drive about to the side of him and hike in 1/4 mile behind him.
After not spotting him we split up and my dad went to look over a hill to see if the buck had moved on to feed in another sage flat. We were about 200 yards apart when i look at the buck was staring at me standing up. He must have been bedded, but the good news is my dad was only 75 yards from him but didn't see him My dad finally turned and saw him at which point the buck was looking at him..so i decided to take 2 steps to my right and see i could get the attention of the buck which worked. By then my dad had shouldered the rifle and promptly dropped the buck. Nothing huge but my dad was happy and we had 1 tagged filled.

Over the next few days i saw some great Mule Deer Bucks and passed on a few antelope (small or Broken prongs) just looking for the one i wanted. Finally midway through the week i spotted a good buck that had 10 does with him bedded under some juniper. I watched from 900 yards but they were in a terrible place to stalk. The buck finally decided to get up and feed over a ridge. I backed out and circled around them and waited for dark. I figured they might move to a particular sage/grass area to fee at dark. Planned worked perfectly except the buck never showed....I spotted and had the does feed 150 yds from me as i lay in the sage.
Back the next morning i spotted him again and watched him feed for most of the morning and finally bed. He got up again to feed and I set up where i thought he would pass by this rocky chute and bed for the rest of the day. After 30 minutes nothing??? i told myself be patient and after 45 minutes i figured something was up...I found where the does had bedded but not him..he disappered on me again and couldn't find him the rest of the day.
Ok so i said third time has to be the charm and came back the next morning. Luckily he was still in the same area and feeding with on 3 does this time..and wouldn't ya know they does decided to feed off into another area and buck decided to stay put! He bedded under a Juniper facing away at about 400 yds.. I decided i could stalk closer and was able to close the distance to 190..I set up and waited for him to stand... ( i was tired of the 95 degree heat by this time). He finally did and i was able to put him down. My first Antelope and was 15 1/4 in with 6 1/4 bases and over 5 in prongs! Super excited and can't wait to get him back from the Taxi....I was blessed and thankful i got to share this with my dad! Good Luck to everyone this season. I added a pic of a couple nice bucks i saw
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Jul 3, 2012
Salem, Oregon
Cool looking buck, I really like your trophy photo. Its great when people take the time to pose and clean up the animal...well done.