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  • Thanks for looking into it! Yeah, I thought it was a good question too, I don’t like what that thread devolved into, but it happens. I think a lot of guys want to scare off the nonresident hunter, I tend to try to invite them. If you ever have any question on ND badlands hunts, feel free to message me.
    Let me contact some friends that guide those areas and I'll get back to you. I have guided elk in the Bighorns before, but it's been 6 years ago. It was good then, and very low bear numbers. I don't even remember seeing any sign. I will be hunting from tomorrow till next Thursday, unless successful, so I'll get some info about Medicine Bow and Bighorns late next week. As far as Colorado unit 53 goes, I have no firsthand knowledge. I do have a friend that works at Seek Outside that hunts there, so I'll get ahold of him and let you know what he says.
    I thought your original question on the grizzly-less subject was a great question, and probably one that lots of people have been wondering.
    Thanks for offering some guidance I appreciate it! I was looking at the bighorns and medicine bow for archery. I am slightly concerned that they would all be in the wilderness and I don’t plan on getting a guide. I haven’t checked the draw odds yet, but would shoot any elk. I planned on trying gmu 53 in Colorado for my first hunt. But everything I read online says it’s packed. I just want to be able to see an elk and not feel like I am hunting with every other person in a unit in the same basin as me.
    I appreciate you concern. I'm getting ready to go help the outfitter he worked for finish up the archery season and Mark's wife will get the money. The kids will get outdoors with myself or their uncle.
    The words of some guy on the internet don't mean much. I'm aware of that.

    One of my buddies had a brother in law who had kids. He wasn't feeling well. Went to the doctor. He got sent home.He knew something was wrong and forced the issue, went to the hospital. He died less than twenty four hours later... Cancer.

    Different than a bear attack. But... young kids without a dad.

    Friends stepped in to take those kids on hunting, fishing and camping/canoe trips. Continuing on after they moved away. My buddy drives cross country to take those kids outdoors sixteen or seventeen years later. As do several other guys.

    In our circle of friends and family, we call them "Uncles by choice"

    FWIW, hknor your buddy by doing the kind of outdoor stuff with his kids that he would've done.

    Forget about the internet dweebs and jerkoffs. Don't even read that crap. Focus on you, yours and his.

    And that includes my blathering. If I've overstepped any boundaries, I can pound sand.
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