Unit sixty eight. Co. 3rd season


May 15, 2018
Oregon coast
Burning our 11 points this year. Understand it ain't what it was. Have zero desire to make it an every 10 year thing. Just getting out of the Co point game. Honestly, after burning my Wyoming points this past season, getting out of all the point games. Burning all states within 2 years. Getting old(er).
If anyone is familiar with unit, I'd love a PM. I have zero expectations for inches on deer. I have one expectation. A super fun hunt with 3 buddies and seeing a few deer daily. That's it. That's my expectation.
So, if you see me as no threat and would like to send me a PM, I would appreciate it. I'm pretty dang sure I'll find a few, but if you have tips or suggestions I'd appreciate the heck out of it