Two great backpacking items I have found - you might be interested


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Mar 18, 2012
Tulsa, OK
I found a couple of neat little items which I thought I'd pass along. I am not in anyway associated with either company.

First up is this Geekpocket pouch I use for my GPS. Far nicer to use than anything else I found. Attaches easily to your pack strap so it quickly moves from pack to pack and is very light. Open top to improve satelite reception. Durable and easy to get the GPS in an out of. Rock solid on your pack strap.

Next up is this great attachment to attach your iPhone (even with it case on) to your tripod for pic's. The thing is tiny, light and simple to use. It is the Joby Griptight. It weighs an once or so and folds flat so it take up almost zero room in the pack.

Just thought I'd pass it along.