Trekking poles 2.0


Junior Member
Jul 27, 2022
Hey folks, I’m posting again, hoping to get some help finding a solid pair of trekking poles.

I’ve been doing some serious digging, and I’m finding myself frustrated. To give the short version, I’m looking for a pole that has the wrist strap locking mechanism of Leki, with the handle grip design of Black Diamond. The Leki strap lock design is bomber, while BDs isn’t, and the grip of BD provides excellent support for the pinky, while Leki’s doesn’t. Is there any such combination??
I’d buy the BD Alpine Carbons right now if their wrist strap could be tightened more, as would stay, but from my use in store, it simply doesn’t lock down in any sort of secure way.

Anyone have suggestions of brands/models? Thank you!