Sold Tikka Stainless CTR 6.5CM w/ Manners T4A

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Sep 22, 2020
I'm consolidating a few rifles into one action with multiple barrels. I'm selling my Tikka CTR that was my entrance into precision shooting. This gun absolutely rocks. I've taken it accurately to 1,422yds with the 142gr Spark ammo.

The action: Tikka Stainless CTR with the factory 20" 6.5 Creedmoor barrel. ~700 rounds through it. Easily a sub-1/2moa gun with factory match ammo. I've been shooting Spark 142gr SMK's, and I will include 220rds of it with the rifle if it sells as a package. Hornady American Gunner also shoots surprisingly well out of it. The trigger has a YoDave spring in it and feels wonderful. The muzzle device will not be included, I will put the factory thread protector back on.

The stock: Manners T4A with CDI bottom metal to take AICS magazines. AICS mags have run great in this action. My understanding is that the CDI bottom metal uses a factory CTR bottom metal inlet, so you can run Tikka CTR or T3x bottom metals in this stock if you want to use CTR magazines or flush-fit T3x magazines. I will include a T3x bottom metal and 1 magazine for it, and I think I have the CTR bottom metal I can also provide (but no CTR magazines). It has a hoptic cheek pad to keep that baby fresh feeling face. The stock is scratched up and used, she's not a show queen.

$1,900 shipped complete to your FFL

If breaking up action/stock:
Stainless CTR w/ 20" 6.5 Creedmoor barreled action w/ trigger & YoDave spring: $900

Manners T4A w/ CDI bottom metal, bedded for Tikka T3x, w/ Hoptic pad, sling studs and Badger pic rail: $1000

- High quality rain gear (Arc’teryx, etc)
- March 3-24 scope (cash on my end if needed)
- .223 or WSM AICS magazines


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