Stealth cam video downloading

Feb 2, 2022
Has anyone been having issues with the stealth cam Fusion X and reactor cameras downloading videos. The picture come in without a problem just like my regular fusions but whenever I select to download a video it takes days attempting to download them saying “video will be downloaded on next sync” and after 7-10 syncs it says “Hd copy unable to download, original file available on SD card”. It is happening on 2 cameras. Both up to date firmware, multiple SD cards have been tried, cameras are in 2 different locations both with full service and have been moved numerous times attempting to get them to download the videos. I’ve been on the phone with stealth cam 4 times attempting to resolve the issue. They put in a ticket for a technician to look into it and in a day I get please allow up to 10 syncs for the video to download, even after me explaining that it is now saying unable to download. I’ve reset everything. Ran every diagnostic. And as stated before the photos come in without an issue each day. Any experience or insight would be greatly appreciated.
Furthermore of recent they will give me the “video not available on SD for full video download” the very next sync.”


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