Spring bear hunt

Feb 25, 2012
I got drawn for a spring bear tag in Washington. I am flying home Thursday and should get in around 3:30 pm. After packing up my gear I'm going to head out. I will be picking up my buddy along the way. Its about an 8 hour drive so we should be hiking in Friday morning. I have to fly back to work Wednesday morning so we should have 4.5 days of hunting.

It is going to be a backpack hunt. I have hunted this unit for elk, but never been there this early in the spring. Not sure how far we are going to have to hike in to get into bear, so I will be packing as lightweight as possible. I know there is still a lot of snow which means the bears should be consolidate into smaller areas.

I was planning on taking my bow, but I haven't had enough time to shoot this winter/spring because I have been working a ton. Kind of bummed about that, but oh well. I will update this thread with my gear list when I get it finalized.

Anyway I will try to keep this as up to date as possible, with pictures also.

luke moffat

Super Moderator
Feb 24, 2012
Good luck man!! Just went away for 3 days of my first bear hunt of the season, blanked on the first outing. Oh well thats why we go again right!! Again good luck look forward to hearing the story.