Sitka Mid-Layer Question.....


May 3, 2022
Cheswick, PA
So quick question to all of the Sitka gurus out there. I currently own the Apex Hoody which I love as an outer piece because of the kangaroo pocket that holds all of the accessories. I also own a Traverse Zip T that I got on clearance and bought "just because". I was thinking about adding the Fanatic Hoody to my arsenal, but here is my question.

I do realize these are all different pieces with different purposes but strictly as a mid-layer, which would you recommend? I see that the Apex is rated to be warmer than the Fanatic, but I am thinking that the Fanatic will be better as a mid layer because of the fleece lining and the material itself. That being said, since the Traverse Zip T is fleece lined as well, do I just use it as a mid layer? I tend to run a lot warmer than most people so this will be used in cold weather, say below 30 degrees, over top of my First Lite Kiln baselayers and underneath my outer shell which will be Sitka Stratus Jacket & Bibs.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


Well Known Rokslider
Feb 15, 2019
I only have the fanatic hoody and not the others you are asking about, but i really like the fanatic hoody as a mid. Plenty warm with a outer to cut the wind (such as the stratus) into the 40’s and into the high 30’s and works well as a outer with a base (or simply a t-shirt) in 50’s.

For your use below 30’s, i find i want something a little heavier as another mid or an added insulating layer under the stratus, or i will use the fanatic jacket as an outer. Everyone is different tho, so ymmv.