Sierra Designs DriDown??

Feb 25, 2012
Been looking for a new bag to fill the void between my Northface down -20* and the Montbell ss 20* bags.
I was thinking I would go to a synthetic to use in some of the wetter areas sometimes ventured into. I have always been a true believer in the down bags, but not much of a Sierra Design fan. Then tonight while going through bags at the local yuppy hiking store I found this bag.

Seems interesting, curious if anyone has any firsthand info or maybe knows someone who uses one.
This is from their product announcement

A vast improvement over regular down, DriDown™ features a molecular level polymer applied to individual down plumes during the down finishing process. A proprietary application method developed by Sierra Designs ensures a hydrophobic finish. As a result, DriDown™ stays dry 7 times longer in the presence of rain, melting snow, or spills, maintains 98% loft after a night in a high humidity environment, and dries 33% faster when it does get wet for a dryer, warmer, more comfortable night’s sleep.

“Our inspiration for DriDown™ came from the need for higher performance down insulation,” said Sue Timbo, Sierra Designs marketing director. “Due to its warmth to weight ratio, down is indisputably the best performing insulation available. Its only downside is a loss of thermal efficiency as it becomes wet. DriDown™ tolerates moisture far better than untreated down, improving the performance of down sleeping bags so everyone from pro athletes to family campers will sleep dryer, warmer, and more comfortably.”

Staying dry longer, lofting better, and drying faster, DriDown™ sleeping bags represent the evolution of down insulation technology, outperforming regular down sleeping bags in any given environment from arid deserts to humid costal locals to icy polar environments. Sierra Designs is introducing five new sleeping bag styles, covering a wide range of backcountry conditions.