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May 28, 2012
After doing a bit of reading & research, I'm pretty interested in the Seek Outside Tipis. For backpack hunts for 2, and maybe occasionally 3 people in terrain from the rockies to the badlands to the boreal forests, summer through the end of November (possibly the rare winter camping excursion), I was thinking that a 6-man with 2 doors w/ storm flaps and a nest for bugs might do the trick. Before jumping in though, I do have a number of questions:

-Does anyone have thoughts otherwise regarding size? My thinking is the 4 man would work for a lot of occasions, but the 6 man would be luxurious for 10 oz more, and would be handy when a 3rd person is in camp.

-For tipi users, do you encounter problems with finding sites large enough for a tipi, or that lend themselves to anchors?

-In an effort to keep from getting the pack too heavy, would it be correct to assume the SO titanium stove in a medium would be adequate, or is the additional 4" in stove length worth the 8 oz and convenience of being able to use larger pieces of wood?

-Does anyone know the weight savings for carbon vs. aluminum center pole? I assume they're about equal for rigidity/durability/ruggedness.

-From what i gather, you can choose the stove pipe length. If max height on the 6 man is 7'10, would 8.5 feet work? Is there a recommended minimum it should be above the peak? Any tradeoffs to be aware of?

-Is there a difference in the amount of ambient light that comes in through a green vs brown tent?

-Is the liner needed moreso in really humid conditions in the pacific NW than throughout most of the west?

Thanks in advance for any insight you might have.


Aug 23, 2012
I would call and talk to Kevin or Angie with seek outside. They are both very willing to help with any questions.


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Mar 8, 2012
I will see how many questions I can answer in full detail, then go from there.

-The second generation has the versa pitch option, this means that it can be pitched smaller than the standard 6 size. Essentially you can always make it smaller, but you can't make it bigger.

-In steep country I have occasionally had issues finding a place for my six, however if I know it's going to be an issue I pack the LBO.

-The medium is more than adequate in the six, it keeps mine plenty warm.

-The carbon pole is worth the weight savings in my mind. I don't know the exact weight savings, but every ounce counts. I have had it set up with brutal wind and questionable stake location and it worked very well.

-8.5 is what I run in mine. The longer the pipe, the few pin holes you will get. It won't ever eliminate them completely but you can minimize them.

-I don't know about ambient light, but during the day I usually have my doors open for venting. At night I hang my headlamp.

-If you use the stove it will get rid of most of your condensation issues. When there is rain involved, or humidity from pitching on the snow I would have a liner.
May 31, 2012
Prineville, Oregon
I have the six man with carbon fiber pole and large stove. In my opinion three people and gear is comfy, four at the most. I think the six man is well worth the extra weight and cost. I also have the liner but haven't used it yet. Three of us slept very comfortably in the six man last archery elk season for two weeks.

Aron Snyder

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Jan 23, 2012
The Wilderness
The weight savings of the carbon pole will depend on the size of the tipi, but there's a 7.5oz difference in the 6 man carbon vs alum pole.

Carbon will hold up pretty well, but you will need to check it each time before you head out (cracks, imperfections, ect).

The light difference between colors is a non issue, as they are about equal in illumination.

The stove question is personal choice, but the larger stove does burn longer and having that is nice sometimes.

Talking with Kevin and Angie is going to be your best bet, keeping in mind that they will have more experience with these than anyone on Rokslide.
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