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Aug 9, 2017
littleton CO, missing AK
$850 - Savage short action 110 brown with black webbing bell and Carlson m40 varmint/tactical stock adjustable cheek riser and sort picitinny rail for bipod. pacific tool stealth bottom metal for acis mags. Currently has SS fluted heavy barrel 22-250 1/12 twist cut to 18.5 “ and threaded 1/2x28 tpi. Also comes with a black hole weaponry 260 rem SS p3 varmint contour 26” barrel in 1/8 twist. 22-250 barrel has less than 200 rounds through it. The 260 barrel has around 450 rounds through it. All factory ammo. This was my coyote and antelope gun I’ve just switched to gas guns for both. * suppressor and tripod not included*

$1000 - Remington 700 long range 7 rem mag. Timney Calvin elite trigger. 26” heavy countour threaded 5/8x 24tpi. Bell and Carlson stock Gray with black webbing hinged bottom metal and short picintinny rail for bipod. 350 rounds through it. Some Hornady eld-m. This gun loves 168 gr bergers pushed by retumbo. Doing load development near Denver I had a 1.75 grain window for 1/2 MOA to just under 1/4 MOA prone off bipod. just have other guns that fit my needs better and I hate having it just sit in the safe. *suppressor, stock sleeve and tripod not included*


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