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Feb 25, 2012
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Thanks to everyone—members, staff, writers, lurkers—for helping Rokslide grow to new heights. Here are our writers' guidelines. Keep these guidelines in mind if you decide to submit a query. Thank you!

Budding writer? Expert in your field? Let's see what you've got! We even pay for some articles

Please submit your ideas following these guidelines:

1.) Great content: How-to, How not-to, Gear Reviews, Backcountry Hunting, Backpacking, Hunting Stories, or related.

2.) DON'T SEND YOUR ENTIRE ARTICLE, I won't read it. I accept 1/2 to 1 page article queries only. If you don't know what a query is, it's time to learn. It will save you valuable time, too. Google "how to write an article query." If you're article is accepted, we'll need it sent in a simple Word document attached to an email.

3.) Photos If article is accepted after query, please send photos as attachments to an email. No embeds or photo sharing sites- they rarely work. Please clearly name and match photos to captions AND show suggested photo placements within the article (see #5 below). We'll need 3-10 or more quality support photos with captions (if applicable) and suggested placements indicated in the article. We'll also need a lead photo that goes above the title, but with no caption. Photo sizing is important and your article will likely be rejected if photos are not sent in at the correct size, (approximately 800x600 px and less then 1MB). Here is a quick photo sizing tutorial:

To resize photos, while in your current photo software for (the program you use to get the photo from the camera or phone to the computer), select the photo, look for "resize" option

When the window opens, you should see an option to select the size, which is measured in "px" units. Horizontal comes first; enter 800, and the vertical should auto populate with approx 600, but whatever it goes to will be fine if 800 is set as horizontal.

If you don't have a resize option in your photo software, Microsoft offers "Paint" or "Photo editor" for free. Mac users should know exactly how to do this--after all, isn't that why you're a Mac user?

You'll find these steps speed up your email a ton, and you can usually attach all the photos in one email rather than having to create separate ones. Once you learn this, it's a breeze but really speeds up the process and prevents annoying crashes.

4.) Links are needed for most articles, so include them in your final draft where you want the link inserted. Only include the raw link copied from your browser bar; embedded links to won't work.

5.) Only submit articles that are well written, proof-read, and with good grammar. Target 500 to 2000 words depending on topic. Microsoft Word is the preferred submission format. No third-party document sharing sites please.

6.) Finally, keep in mind that if we publish you on Rokslide, you are agreeing to give Rokslide Inc. First Electronic Rights with Exclusive Rights given to Rokslide Inc. for one year beyond the date of first publication. Here is a quick definition of those rights.

  • First Electronic Rights: This is the right to be the first to publish any content on the Internet, via e-mail, as a downloadable file or program, on CD or tape, etc.
  • Exclusive Rights: Content will not appear anywhere else on the web or in print media for one year beyond the date of first publication.
These rights are very standard in the industry and are designed to protect both writer and publisher. By sending us anything, it is with the understanding that you have read and understand these rights as posted here.

7.) If we publish your article, you need to be a member of Rokslide and be willing to participate in a Q&A thread related to your article. This is a great way to engage with your readers and clarify any topics and gain insight to future article needs.

What's in it for you?

We pay between $50 and $500 for some well-written, great-topic articles. We can arrange trade for gear for some reviews, but staff has priority on those, so opportunity is very limited. Unfortunately, we can't use everything, so don't get discouraged if we don't accept your initial query or if you're not offered reimbursement for your article.

If you're a really hard-working, great writer, with a niche in the outdoor hunting world, you may even qualify for our writing staff. For most, getting published is the first step though. As a staff member, this means more pay for articles, more access to great gear, paid travel, and more exposure on the fastest growing backcountry hunting site—

You can email queries to [email protected]


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