RMAA Field Showdown

Feb 27, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
Due to the dry conditions, the Columbine Range has been shut down until further notice. As you all know, this was to be the site for the RMAA Field Showdown. Your BOD has been busy working on contingency plans. As it stands right now, the Field Showdown will move to the Academy Archery Club in Colorado Springs. It has been a tough week down here, but with the help of over 1000 firefighters, (some of them RMAA Members), as well as many other Local, State, and Federal first responders, the Springs is open for business. With the shoot being held on the Academy, we need all RMAA members planning on shooting to pre-register. This is important because we must turn in a list to Academy Officials with everyones full name, drivers license number (for those who have them), and birthdate. This is for everyone who plans to shoot. This list MUST be handed in first thing Monday July 9, 2012, so cut-off for pre-registration is Sunday July 8, 2012. The Academy is a great range, and we thank them for helping us out on such short notice.