RMAA 3D Series

Feb 27, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
The Rocky Mountain Archery Association 3D Series will begin Saturday,
March 23, 2013, just outside the entrance of the Royal Gorge near Canon City, CO. This Event will follow ASA rules, and will offer the following classes…

Open A
Senior Open
Known 45
Women’s Known 40
Women’s Open
Women’s Hunter
Bow Novice (No Buckle awarded in this class)
Young Adult (15-17)
Youth (12-14)
Senior Eagle (9-11)
Eagle (8 and under)

Cost for this Event: $25 for RMAA Member, $30 for non-member, $15 for Junior Divisions.
Pre-Registration is open online at www.rockymountainarcheryassoc.com
On-site registration begins at 8:30, Shooter meeting at 9:45, start shooting at 10:00

This is a 4 Event Series, with the high cumulative score in each class winning a very high-grade RMAA 3D Series buckle. To be eligible for the Buckle, you must be an RMAA Member, shoot at least 3 of the 4 Events in a class that has an average of 3 archers per Event, (the Bow Novice class will NOT pay out a Buckle). All Junior Divisions will payout a Buckle, so long as an archer has competed in at least 3 of the 4 Events.


Feb 26, 2012
Colorado Springs,CO
My wife and I made the drive this morning, hit the turn off and found the shoot was cancelled.
On the way back, had a guy that tried to pass me in the left lane spin out. He came across in front of me and missed my front bumper by 8-10 feet and then spun back across into the median.
I watched to make sure he got back onto the highway after spinning, and he did. 10 minutes later he came up and passed me on the left again. Idiot was slipping and sliding the whole way but not smart enough to be content in the line of people that were in the clear left lane.