Posting pics full size made easy (kinda)

robby denning

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Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
Well, MattEastman was my bird dog and got this method tested out. Give it a try, and you should be able to upload full size pics, which us ol' folk at Rokslide with bad eyes like to see.

1. Go in your profile at top of this page on Rokslide banner (must be logged in)

2. Look for Albums on left side of your page about mid-way down (it's probably blank if haven't uploaded any pics before)

3. Open Album

4. Look at top of window for the "Upload Pictures". It is at the top of the window (it's hard to see as it's gray) on the Pics bar. It's on the right of that bar and says other things like edit, etc. Look hard, it should be there.

5. Upload pics from your computer to your Rokslide album; don't forget to "save changes"

6. Click on pic and copy the bottom address (top one is URL, bottom one is BB).

7. Go to post or start a new thread (I usually open another Rokslide window so I can go back and forth between new post and my album if I'm putting more than one pic in the post).

8. paste that BB address in the post.

Should work.

Sorry so difficult, but easy once you learn it.
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