New kifaru bikini frame?

Dec 23, 2012
I am going to order either the original timberline duplex frame or the new bikini duplex frame. I like the bikini since it is noticeably lighter, but I wonder about the following:
•Can I use the T1 bag with the bikini frame?
•Since the bikini frame is bare bones, if you will, while using the duplex component (between the bag and frame) for hauling meat within game bags will the raw meat inside the bags rest up against your back? Game bags are made to breath, therefore blood may get on your clothes. Obviously meat does not bleed profusely, but imagine that this is the first elk of a hunt. You and your partner go back after hauling one in hopes of filling the others tag. If my clothes have blood on them isn't it possible that in the coming days of the hunt they begin to sour and smell.
Perhaps this would not be an issue.

Your opinions are much appreciated
- Connor
Feb 26, 2012
Some wilderness area, somewhere
1. You cannot use the Timberline 1 with the bikini, but you can use the Duplex Timberline 1 bag with it. Basically, any bag that you could have used on the Duplex system you can use with the Bikini.

2. I have not used the Bikini, but my presumption would be that the meat will be sitting/resting against/on the stays like a normal frame. It is possible you could get blood on your clothes. You could remedy this by using the bag with the frame, putting your meat in a seam sealed Kifaru meat bag, or putting the meat in a trash bag. Mind you this is all conjecture on my part as I have not even put the frame on.

You may also get more responses if you post this in the backpacking gear section.


Jul 17, 2012
Hilliard Florida
I can't speak for the blood issue but the dt bags will fit the bikini frame. I ordered the high camp bag but if I'm not happy with it and want a more built-in compartmentalized bag a t-series bag will be on the way.
Jul 19, 2012
Great Falls, MT
the thread that "announces" the new bags started be Aaron has about 30 pages of questions and answers just like this. My assumption is yes, there is ahole between the stays, if you put something bloody that will ride against your back there, your back will have blood on it. I think it is supposed to ride out on the stays away from your body, but something that has no structure will likely push through.