Nevada deer hunt done... part 2


Mar 5, 2012
Prescott, Az
I'll pick up where Doug left off....

DJ and I hunted out of base camp and found two different drainages holding bucks... One basin had a couple bruisers. DJ gave it hell on a nice 4 by but the wind shifted while waiting at 20 yards for the buck to stand. The following day I made it to 20 yards of a 30-32" 4 by when the wind swirled and blew him out of the country. We had afternoon monsoons every afternoon.... so right before the late afternoon reliable thermals would come in, the monsoons would start and make the wind unpredictable.

On the last full day, DJ and I put a good 4 by to bed. It was DJ's turn to stalk... but he deferred to me. Not sure if it was the mountain that scared him or he was just being a true friend... probably both. In order to get to this buck I was going to have to drop 900', go around a mountain, and then up the back side, 700', to come in over the top. Then have to do it in reverse to get back to camp... a 4 hours round trip!!! We were glassing the buck at over a mile away.

I gave DJ a kiss on the cheek (jk) and took off... I actually waited til late afternoon to get a more consistant wind. I came over the top and slid in to position to where I could see two bedded does. I knew the buck was bedded close and would have to wait til he had the munchies and got up. About 30 minutes later a doe got up to feed and then a 3x3. a few minutes after that the bigger buck walked out into an opening. I waited for a shot opportunity and I sent a razor sharp Muzzy in his direction. 100 yards later I was standing next to a nice 4x4 with 3" eyeguards and a 5" non typical sticker coming off his burr.


robby denning

Staff member
Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
You all did a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing the great pics and love the horse packin'