WTS Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault & Oakley M-Frame Package


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May 1, 2019
Hi, I've got a couple of items up for sale that aren't getting used.

First is a coyote Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault pack with Medium yoke. This is an older model made in 2008 with the MOLLE webbing inside on the upper top and originally came with the radio harness which I cut out as I found it got in the way. I also removed the hip belt from the side stash pockets as I found it way too high up to actually reach your hips. The side pockets can still hold a hydration bladder; there is a routing for a hose on the inside top, I believe this was part of the original design. Pack is sterile, no logo or Velcro field. Overall besides the modifications I made pack is in overall great shape with no rips or tears, just some spots from light usage/storage. Water resistant coating on inside still in great shape. Also comes with a L/XL extra newer style yoke that fits great on this pack as well and is a bit lighter than the original. Asking $165 PayPal F&F and shipped via USPS to U.S. addresses only.

Next is a set of Oakley M Frames and a couple of lenses. I had these when I shot skeet competitively for a few years in high school and haven't used them since; once I got prescription glasses I didn't have a use for them. They were purchased new in 2004 and considering the age are in good condition. Theb silicone fittings are a little tacky and could easily be replaced. Come with an orange mirror, yellow, light brown, and dark brown (polarized) lens and nose pieces for each and case with a cutout I made for the extra lens. Case is a bit dusty but still works fine. Totally functional with a little bit of wear on the frame from swapping out lenses, please see pictures. Hope someone can get some good use out of these. Asking $115 PayPal F&F and shipped via USPS to U.S. addresses only.

Thanks for looking!


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