My first archery buck!


Feb 28, 2012
Humboldt county and Asia Pacific
I finally got my first archery blacktail this morning! A true coastal blackie- shot in the dunes just a few hundred yards from the ocean. This spot isn't far from where I'm working right now so I drove down there early in the morning. A few hundred yards from the road I spotted a deer with it's head down and checked it out with my binos. When it lifted it's head I saw that it was a buck. I circled down wind and stalked up on it through the dune grass. When I came to the top of the dune I thought it was behind and peeked over I didn't see anything. I assumed it had heard me coming and dissapeared. I kept walking and all of a sudden three deer busted out of the tall grass down in a low spot. One other buck and a doe took off. This guy stopped at 59 yards and turned broadside looking at me. I ranged him and then drew - puting my 50yd pin on top of his back. When I released he jumped forward at the sound and I thought I was going to miss. But the arrow hit him in the but. He ran in a tigh circle and then ran a few yards toward me before dissapearing. I feared the worst and knocked another arrow before slowly approaching. At first I couldn't find him but I knew he had to be down somewhere because I would have seen him running away. Then I saw him laying in the tall grass in a low spot. As I approached It became obvious he was dead. I couldn't believe it. he was completely dead within 2-3 minutes. I must have shot him through the femoral artey. It was a pass through with the arrow sticking out both sides. It looked like someone had taken a five gallon bucket of blood and just threw it around in a circle. he's a little guy but I'm stoked none-the-less!


May 18, 2012
Congrats on your first archery buck. That's pretty cool being so close to the ocean and all. Nice work