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robby denning

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Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
Hey! Glad everyone is enjoying the Live Hunts- thanks for participating. This should just get better.

We wanted to give some guidelines on using this forum to keep it all Rokslide: informative, clean, professional, and motivating.

Right now, the Live Forum is open to any Rokslide member. Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

1) Your live hunt needs to be "Live". This means that you are in progress of the hunt. The thread must also stay current. IF YOU CAN'T POST EVERY 24 HOURS, USE ANOTHER FORUM! INACTIVE THREADS WILL BE DELETED OR MOVED.
2) Keep it clean - no foul language in videos, writing, etc.
3) If you are posting about gear, don't knock the competitors, just tell us what you like or don’t like about your gear
4) We reserve the right to cancel or move any thread

Thanks and have fun!
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