kifaru spike camp with 26" stays. shoulder lift anyone?


Apr 27, 2012
Queensland, Downunder
gday guys, thought i'd share my mods to my brand new spike camp. after seeing a recent thread where an eberlestock blue widow's stays were extended i thought i'd apply the same idea to the spike camp. i prefer stays that actually provide lift so i went for 26" like on my T2. it'll be great for day hunts and overnight trips were i will carry out a boned out feral goat or deer. with my home made silnylon pod and the grab-it it has plenty of room for a quick overnighter.

this mod involved a little thinking since the stays on the spike camp are inside the main compartment of the pack. to utilise longer stays i had to make a big button hole to allow them to come up through the top of the pack. the flap that folds down over the original stays now comes through the button hole and the long stays slide into place. i made some 'adapters' that slide onto the stays. these have a ladder lock buckle to accept the lifter strap and a little strap off the back to allow attachment of the original lifter ladder lock. the pics will show you what i mean. inside where the original stays went i sewed a flap with velcro on it that attaches to the velcro that was originally there. this stops the button hole from being pulled apart because of the upward pull on the original ladderlock.

the original stays will still work too just like normal if i ever wanted them in for some reason.


luke moffat

Super Moderator
Feb 24, 2012
Well done...that is some good work there....I think you could find a job at Kifaru if ya needed a back up job ;)