Kifaru Reckoning Lid? - Guide Lid / Native


Jan 2, 2013
I'm messing w a Reckoning. Bag size is listed at 6,500 (fully open) and if you count the side pockets it's 7,500. I was worried stepping down from a EMRII (8,400 not counting bungee front pockets) it would be small, but I loaded it up today and all my 3-5 day hunt gear fit without use of a lid ... and it was full but the Reckoning was not maxed.

This is all good news. The EMRII took a bit of strap management to get into, so I always ran it with a Guide Lid for fast access items. I loved the EMRII, but a desire to simplify drove me to the Reckoning. It has just as many straps, but so far management of them is easier. It's so easy to access the main bag that I'll run it without a separate lid for day hunting from the truck.

So, day hunting from the truck/camper for any animal I'm all set without a lid. My debate is do I want a lid for 3-5 day backcountry hunts? I'm mostly elk hunting, 3-5 miles in, and I do a lot of still hunting as my area has few glassing points. I do carry a camera, but that goes into my belt pouch. As I'm elk hunting, for a packout, I can bring a little bit of camp out with each meat haul; if I was deer hunting I could probably do it in 2 trips (i’m limited as I can't carry monster loads).

I'm looking for thoughts and justification/uses for why you would separate your lid on a backcountry hunt to use as a backpack. Please pile on!

Here's some of my thoughts on why one would want a lid that doubles as a quick recon / final approach pack for an elk hunt.

-Bag around camp to get creek water?
-When hiking in w full camp and decide to chase an elk (not sure w my luck that would even happen)
-A quick morning/evening sit close to camp when just bringing the minimum.

I'm not sure any of these situations really justify the native. I love the guide lid as it's super easy to get into and makes a decent bag, but if I don't need the space, I may leave it at home. Maybe folks have some good stories / examples of why they take a lid or would take a lid on a Reckoning.

Dec 26, 2013
Edmond, OK
You've already described every reason I always take my guide lid with me up the Mtn. From hauling bladders and bottles to the creek for refill, short quick trips or light scouting, final approach over a hill etc.... no way would I leave it at home. Went so far to cut the shoulder straps and just use the 2 lashing straps off my pack that carry my bow in place of the larger attached straps. Works awesome, saves a little weight, less mess in the lid etc...