Insulated boot questions


Jun 30, 2021
I’m shopping for some insulated boots. I have never owned insulated boots other than some Sorels for snow blowing and winter dog walking. I hunt in snow a few days every season and have made my uninsulated boots work with only a handful of uncomfortable days, weather where I live is rarely below 25 during the season. However I’m heading to Montana this November for a week long elk hunt and have been advised to invest in some insulated boots. I have a pair of Schnees Timberlines that fit me well and am looking at a pair of schnees Beartooth 200g as they have a similar flex and imagine they fit similarly. I tried on some Hanwags and Crispis and neither fit me well. I realize you don’t know how warm my feet run but looking for other peoples experiences to help me make an informed decision. Can anyone provide some input on how much insulation I should be looking for in a boot? Will 200g be enough or should I be looking for more? Thanks