Injexion and A/C/E & Navigator shafts use same core tube & components

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Feb 25, 2012
FYI - all these shafts share the same core tube diameter so you can use Injexion inserts in your old A/C/E's if you speed demons want to use Deep Six inserts and broadheads. I've got piles of old field archery A/C/E's. They're way lighter and I can't comment on hunting durability, but they always held up really well on thousands and thousands of arrows shot into targets. Bone impact is another thing all together, but just wanted to share the info.

I'm setting my daughter's bow up with A/C/E's or I have some .540 Navigators. I'm going to use the break off section from some A/C/E target points epoxied behind the insert to get the point weight to about 145 grains.

I have a bunch of .430 A/C/E's that are cut 1 or 2" off the back which makes them closer to .370 or .360 spine in case I want to build a speed demon hunting shaft.

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