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Mar 1, 2012
On January 9 & 10, the CPW Commission is holding their Regulations Rule Making / Adoption meeting.

There are plenty of items that are of interest if you hunt Colorado.

See Link - http://cpw.state.co.us/Documents/Commission/2019/January/Rulemaking-Notice-Jan-2019.pdf

Open for annual review of the entire chapter, including, but not limited to:

• Annual changes to season dates, limited license areas, quotas and manner of take
provisions for bighorn sheep and mountain goat.

• Annual changes to season dates, limited license areas, harvest limits and manner of take
provisions for mountain lion.

• Changing the big game leftover draw to a big game secondary draw for the 2020 season
by removing application restrictions and including bear and pronghorn to the existing
species list one could apply for.

• Modifying big game application deadlines.

• Adding an opt-out option for the preference point fee for unsuccessful moose, Rocky
Mountain bighorn sheep, and mountain goat applicants, allowing unsuccessful applicants
to choose whether they want to pay to receive a preference point/weighted preference
point per application.

• Creating a Novice Adult Hunter Outreach program with associated licenses.

• Accommodating novice adult hunting programs through the Ranching for Wildlife
program, in addition to youth hunting programs.

• Adding a second Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep hunting season to S42 (Waterton
Canyon Herd).

• Making all bear licenses in Data Analysis Units B2, B5, B10, B14, B15, B18 and B19 List
B, and all private-land-only bear licenses in B1, B2, B4, B5, B10, B11, B14, B17, B18 and
B19 List C starting in 2019.

• Separating GMU 9 antlered rifle deer hunts from GMUs 19 and 191, making one long
extended season.

• Creating a special GMU 581 and GMU 69 antlerless deer hunt code around the city of
Canon City to alleviate urban deer issues.

• Creating a late antlerless rifle deer season in DAU D-4 (GMUs 7, 8, 9, 19, 191).

• Eliminating late antlerless elk seasons in GMUs 68, 681, 79, 80, and 81.

• Including a portion of GMU 79 in the San Luis Valley damage elk hunt season.

• Including private lands in GMU 82 in the San Luis Valley damage elk hunt season,
including an early bull season and an extended bull and cow season.

• Removing private land only designations from limited elk licenses in GMU 83.

• Changing first season (excluding private land only) and fourth season either sex elk
licenses in DAU E-16 to antlered and antlerless limited licenses, and limiting over-thecounter archery in DAU E-12 to antlered only.

• Designating late season antlerless elk licenses, and all general rifle antlerless elk licenses
in GMU 38 as List B.

• Changing all antlerless licenses (except private-land only licenses) in elk DAUs E-12 and
E-16 to List A licenses.

• Converting GMU 55 & 551 fourth season either-sex rifle elk license hunt codes
(EE055O4R and EE551O4R) to antlered only hunt codes.

• Deleting the late season public land antlerless hunt code in GMU 61 (EF061L1R) and the
late season private land hunt code in GMU 62 (EF062P5R).

• Splitting GMU 53 and GMU 63 combined first season hunt codes (EF053O1R and
EM053O1R) into separate applicable hunt codes.

• Eliminating either-sex private land only elk tags in GMU 54 (EE054P1R and EE054P4R).

• Deleting the late season public land antlerless hunt code in GMU 70 (EF070L1R).

• Removing GMU 13-specific antlerless elk hunt codes in the second, third and fourth
seasons and adding GMU 13 to hunt codes EF012O2R, EF012O3R and EF011O4R.

• Closing the early antlerless cow elk season in GMU 45.

• Creating a separate hunt code, EF025O1R, for GMUs 25, 26 and 34 for the first rifle
antlerless season.

• Expanding the private land only elk harvest opportunity in DAU E-8 and E-13 to include
E-7 for the September 1- January 31 private land only season.

• Expanding the GMU 551 pronghorn archery hunt code to include GMU 55.

• Designating new hunt codes for GMU 142 and removing the GMU from hunt codes
AM12801M and AF12801M.

• Adding GMU 12 to hunt codes AM023P5R and AF023P5R.

• Adding late season private land only hunt codes to portions of DAU PH13.

• Reopening pronghorn buck hunting in GMU 10.


Well Known Rokslider
Sep 1, 2013
La Plata Canyon, CO
Read through this very quickly...is this a public workshop or a behind-closed-doors meeting of the commissioners to make decsions?