Hunt Same Spot or Move Around?


May 27, 2019
Curious what the general consensus is on this extremely broad question...

Hunting a unit that I have hunted before. Typically find elk in 4-5 different spots. Last year we hunted 1 spot almost every evening and sometimes they were there, sometimes they weren't. Had a few opportunities but neither my buddy or I could seal the deal.

This year we've been bouncing around to different spots and even if they're in a spot in the morning, we may go somewhere else midday or in the evening if we bump them or don't get an opportunity.

There are other people hunting some of the spots and I've been winded in a few of them. If one of us gets winded we have been heading somewhere else for the next day or so before returning.

Do you guys bounce around to different spots or hit the same spot again and again until you connect? It seems like I could spend 7 days in one spot and at some point have an opportunity, but it's also hard to hit somewhere in the morning and come up empty, then stay all day when I can go to another spot that may have elk...


Feb 2, 2017
I'd have a couple of spots you can hunt with different wind conditions.
Westerly wind is predominate so have a spot for that, upslope or North wind is usually the other alternative and find a spot for that.
Have favorable wind for your walk in and hunt.
Also remember how it moves with the day, up and down the draws and ridges.
If you keep bumping elk sounds like they stay around, why move unless other hunters move in.

Rut should be ramping up right now, good luck.


Jun 8, 2020
CO Springs
Normally im hunting OTC units here in CO and i hammer the same locations... realizing the elk may or may not be there in their daily/weekly travels... and waiting for when they return.

This year i was hammering a location in a draw unit... and was having success in that location but.... all seem to be gone now, moved onto other elk spots. Maybe ruts starting up and the bulls all spread out?

Found some other elk last night / this morning but.... that first location is always at the back of my mind and i always wonder if i should be going back there to see if the elk moved back in.... Roll of the dice essentially!

plus note... got a thunderstorm rolling over as i type this... should get those elk moving early this evening!


Jun 12, 2020
I am a rookie but I found success last week bouncing around to different areas. I hit 1 area 2 days in a row and then I made an educated guess on where the elk would move when they are pressured.

Even though we think we’re not putting pressure on them if we don’t bump them I think we underestimate our affect on their behavior.