Good reminder - test your gear!

Duk Dog

Apr 29, 2012
Crummy day today with a mix of rain/snow/sleet. Figured no better chance to take some time and go hike the hills and test out some gear. It seems we so seldom get rain that it would be a good chance to try some stuff out. I picked my way through every patch of brush I could find while hiking along. My Kuiu Guide and Chugach jackets worked well, but my MEC (similar to REI in the USA) rain pants did not. In short order they were saturated and my pants underneath were either wet or damp. No biggie if you are a short trek from home, but it would sure be a big deal on an extended trip.

Regardless of what hunting you are doing, and what gear you are using, this was a good reminder to test out your gear in advance if you get the chance to do so! My "test" today happened to be clothing, but this would go for any gear you plan to rely on.


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Feb 26, 2012
Wasilla, Alaska
Thanks for the reminder Duk Dog! We have been known to haul extra equipment on preseason scouting or overnight trips for this very reason (I.e. bring along both the stove we know works and the new one we are trying out), because it's a major bummer to get out there and realize your new stuff isn't going to cut it. Better to find out before you are on a week long trip and your life depends on it!