Sold For Sale: X-caliber 6.5prc savage prefit barrel 24" 1:8 5R $395

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May 26, 2021
This barrel is a take off from my bighorn origin it has approximately 75 rounds down the tube for break in and load development. This barrel shoots .341 5 shot groups with Hornaday 147gr and Ramshot magnum. Im selling due to getting a new carbon six 22in barrel that I plan on running a suppresor with. X-caliber arms savage/ zermatt prefit 8 spiral flutes, remington serendo profile, wieghs 2.6 lbs 24" with integrated muzzle break. Satin stainless steel; chambered in 6.5 prc 1:8 twist 5r rifling. Also a barrel nut included. $385 Shipped no trades; Payment: Venmo, PayPal ff discreet, Check once cleared will ship.
Pepper Pot Muzzle break
Muzzle Brake Thread: 5/8 x 24
Barrel Steel: 416R Stainless Steel
Muzzle Brake OD: .850 OD
Caliber: .264 / 6.5mm
Pepper Pot Fluting: Spiral Flute [+$15.00]
Finish: Matte [+$10.00]1Savage Pre-Fit
Barrel Steel: 416R Stainless Steel
Savage Barrel Length: 24"
Caliber & Twist Rate: (6.5mm) .256/.264 1:8 Twist 5R Groove
Bolt Action Contour: 20 - Rem Sendero 1.058 3, .940 2.5 .830 Small/Reg
Savage Shank Size: Small / Standard
Rifle Chambers: 6.5 PRC
Muzzle Options: 5/8"x24 Threads (.243-.358cal), Requires Min .670" Muzzle Dia. [+$55.00]
Bolt Action Fluting: Spiral 8 Flute [+$120.00]
Finish: Matte [+$15.00
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