First Archery Antelope Hunt

Apr 29, 2012
North fork of the Umpqua, Oregon
In another post, I mentioned my wife and I had drawn Montana antelope tags. Due to other tags, and commitments, the only way I can find to make this happen is during the archery season, so we are giving this some serious thought. It looks like we could carve out 6 hunting days (around Sept 11-16).

I've bow hunted for years, but this would be our first archery antelope hunt. I have taken a dozen or so bucks with a rifle, and feel pretty familiar with antelope behavior. I most like stalking bucks undetected but closing the distance from 150 yards to bow range will be a new challenge.

The unit we will be hunting has 25 tags total, so very limited pressure. We will be hunting a 10K acre ranch with about 350-400 antelope with very little archery hunting pressure. There are two primarily tanks the antelope water at and the rancher said he could set-up a hay blind there, so sitting water could be quite effective. The ranch has a couple large flat alfalfa pivots and the antelope move into these out of more broken country.

I am thinking of attempting stalks early and late in the day, since antelope generally seem to be most vulnerable then. Maybe we'd pick up a Heads Up Decoy for that. Then we would probably sit water in the middle of the day. What do you think about that approach? I am a total newbie, so I'd appreciate your ideas.
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