external frame bag side by side comparison/review


Sep 26, 2012
Palmer, AK
So I have kind of gone in a circular route in regards to my pack for the upcoming year. I had been using a Camp Trails freighter frame with moose bag for years. I decided to get a a new pack but wasn't sure what pack I really wanted. After getting some advise from a member here I decided to upgrade the suspension of the freighter frame to the Barney's suspension. In case you are wondering about doing that the suspension alone only costs $80 less than the frame and suspension. So I got the frame and suspension. The idea was to take the suspension off the Barney's frame and put it on the Camp Trails frame and use the moose bag. Well I decided the moose bag wasn't quite as big as I would want. I looked around at bags and found the Alps Outdoorz Commander bag. It was bigger had more pockets, a better layout and had good reviews from users here in Alaska on another forum. Well I picked that bag up got it home liked something's didn't like others like the frame hold open feature or whatever they call it so I took that out and threw it away. Then probably the day after the trashman picked up our garbage I decided I didn't want that bag (awesome). Recently I just walked in on a deal where someone decided to upgrade from the Hunter bag to the Pinnacle bag so I scooped that up which leads me to today. I was sitting in my living room looking at 3 bags and 2 frames and decided to do a couple comparison reviews. So in order to make the reviews better/more informative I was wondering what if anything you all would be interested in or would want checked out. I will probably do the bag comparison first followed by the frame review. Anyway let me know hat if anything you want looked into and I will include it. If you aren't interested let me know as I won't necessarily delve as deeply as I would otherwise. I won't be doing a destructive test as I still have boots to buy before next season and don't have the money to throw away. Thanks.

123 4/8 P&Y

May 17, 2012
Cool idea. I'm curious how the Barney's suspension differs from the old camp trails straps and which is more comfortable with 100 lbs. on.