Central Idaho ramble....what did I do wrong?

Sep 13, 2016
That might help the age class of bucks in a couple spots! I have scouted and hunted most the units mentioned and there's enough bucks for a healthy gene pool. As much as anything I think fish and game needs to begin studying how the massive increase in elk numbers is impacting our deer herd. I don't think it would be a popular finding.

That would go over like a fart in a ballroom.

Mule Deer vs. Elk (Q 24) Hunters were asked their thoughts about reducing elk populations on a large scale to potentially increase mule deer, or in some select units’ mule deer will be given management priority over elk or reduce elk populations in the units they hunted in to potentially increase mule deer. In all cases, hunters rejected these concepts and would not accept these as management options. Similar results were found in 2007.


Mar 15, 2015
I'd guess the warm weather had something to do with it. My group just got back from that general area elk hunting and we couldn't get out of the deer. Actually had them mess up a few of our elk hunts. The weather turned the day after dear season, and everything we saw was still 8500 feet and above. Didn't run into any studs, but a few decent bucks.