canada bow hunt for moose review


Dec 23, 2018
I always love reading other people's post about how their moose hunts went and even though mine didn't end with a kill it was to this day my favorite hunt! I booked a hunt with Valid outfitters based out of alberta CA, we were back country bow hunting along the mcleod river for 10 days. We started september 29 and finished up on october 8th. Managed to call in 5 bulls but these public land bulls were just a little too smart. They wouldn't venture outside the tree lines to come take a closer look without first getting our wind and having a visual on something that looked like a moose. I managed to get them into 130-170 yards but no closer. There was a competing rifle resident moose hunt going on at the same time and quad trails were a plenty no matter where we hiked. We crossed different rivers 6 times stripping down to crocs and skivys in an effort to get away from ATV's or remnants of other hunters, averaged about 8 miles per day with camp on our back. We never saw any grizzly or wolf but they were all around us based on the sign. The first 6 days we didn't hear any moose respond back to us or making any noise at night but the last few days that started to change. I've done 2 DIY alaska drop camps and I've always had a hard time staying put for that long so this hunt was great in that I could go where I wanted and explore. I know it's not the traditional way to moose hunt and I believe we could have sat by a rut pit and waited a couple days for a moose to come back and check but I wasn't looking to hunt that way, I wanted to hunt moose like I hunt elk or deer with my bow. I learned an insane amount over the 10 days about moose and changing strategies based on what we were learning through each day. I would do this hunt again in a heart beat! All that being said, I would classify this hunt as a massive success and amazing memories. As of this hunt I've spent 37 days hunting for moose and have yet to connect on one so take this post for what is it. haha I'm already booked with renfros in 2025 so maybe the 4th time is the charm! haha This moose thing is a true addiction.


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May 16, 2015
I'm super glad to hear you had a hunt that you would repeat. I respect your determined spirit and persistent efforts...I truly do, sir!

Sounds like you guys really worked hard to find a setting on this hunt that fit your hunt expectations...very well done. I also enjoyed the pictures you shared.

When you get back up here in 2025, it's going to be another adventure for sure. Looking forward to hearing about that one when it comes.
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Aug 15, 2015
Great post and attitude! You have paid your dues and will get your moose when you go with Renfros

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