6.5 creed - thinking about 130 TMKs....or maybe 123 scenars


Jan 31, 2017
Boise, Idaho
For years have shot 139 scenars in the 6.5s. Killed lots of critters as has friends and family with that bullet. We shoot that at around 2800 FPS in tikka rifles. I recently chopped about 3" off the barrel of my sons superlite and threaded it just about the flutes for a suppressor so barrel length is now around 21" now. Shot it this weekend and we lost about 100 FPS. Really nothing major, but I am a believer is accurate speed kills philosophy.

So my mind got racing about maybe dropping down to say a 130 TMK or even a 123 Scenar and try to send them out of the barrel a little faster. Thoughts? How does the 130 TMK perform at say 28-2900 FPS?
Dec 30, 2014
Years ago when I looked into 123 scenars i saw reports of inconsistent terminal performance. Not sure how accurate that was but it stuck with me. I'd not worry about the same with TMKs. 130 ELD is another option, Applied ballistics shows the TMK having a much higher BC than the ELDm but hornady's #'s for the ELD are about on par with AB's numbers for the TMK so take that as you will.. I've seen it reported here that AB under rates ELD BCs.

FB Trout

Jan 17, 2024
Went the same route, have used 139 Scenars in an out 6.5 Creed Tikkas for years. This past 2 years, once 130 TMKs have become readily available, have transitioned to that bullet. In our chopped 20-21” factory barrels it shoots around 2820 fps. Terminally, it seems to kill faster than the 139 Scenars. Have shot both mule deer and elk with the 130 TMK. It is our go to bullet at this point.