2012 Oregon Mule Deer


Mar 5, 2012
Western Oregon
With the rifle season a couple days away just wondering who all is planning to head out.

We will be heading east late tonight and should be at the trailhead shortly after daylight, planning on setting up camp about 4 miles in. This year will be the first year I have rifle hunted mule deer with my Dad who is 63, so I am excited to have him along. I have bow-hunted elk with him since I was 12 and finally talked him into saving up points for a rifle tag a few years ago. He has taught me a lot so hopefully I can give a little back.

He best friend and hunting partner will also be going with us, as will mine, so it should be a great time. I've hunted the area for several years and it usually produces some good bucks. Scouting trips have shown this year should be good. Hopefully the weather cools down a bit, I was really hoping to be able to try out my new KUIU guide pants.

Good hunting to everyone!