2012 deer hunt already done


May 16, 2012
man I can't believe I now gotta wait 363 days before im back up chasing them.

Well after hiking in with a loaded pack back in about four miles we set camp and started scouting. Right off the bat I was able to spot this deer and another and then it was a waiting game till Saturday morning. Oddly enough we could not turn this buck up all Saturday but had a plan B deer that ended up with me getting busted as the wind switched for no reason (but that’s just the high country) I was at 90 yards. Well after that we hunted some more and spotted this deer’s buddy late Saturday evening. Figuring this boy was still hanging around that deer we headed that way Sunday morning. Spotting these deer just getting ready to bed, I hiked around and put a stalk on them and was sitting within 15 yards for five hours until they finally ventured far enough away from the cliff to present a shot. They actually started up a chute to my right and I ranged him at 42 yards pulled back settled and sent a slick trick his way. Very slight quartering away and slightly downhill the deer bolted and ran about 30 yards then locked up and down he went. Sorry for the half butchered pics I was in the process when my dad finally got there to take some pictures with me in them I was just trying to get him broke down as fast as I could.
IMG_0101.jpgIMG_0107.jpgIMG_0100.jpg oh shot at 13,323ft elevation for anyone curious

Oh and a big thanks to my dad I couldn't have done it without him!! plus he taught me how.:smile:
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Feb 29, 2012
Awesome. A 6 x 6 with eye guards!?! I think the wait will be worth it and you can stare at him on the wall while you do.