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  • Well I was going to see if you were close enough to figure out what’s up with the rifle. ND ain’t gonna work, grin.

    The Vortex scope and mounting system is suspect. If you don’t have another scope that is absolutely reliable a $300 SWFA SS fixed 6x or 10x will show you if it’s a scope problem. Then I the 6x SWFA makes a great general purpose 0-600 yard hunting scope. If you can swing $500 or so the SWFA SA 3-9x42mm is unmatched for reliability, durability, and correct functioning. That is great do all hunting scope.

    For the rifle, try to find the thread I wrote about correctly mounting a scope- 300 mags are hard on everything, and you want to ensure that it’s taken care of. If all that fails, Sako does warranty accuracy issues, and I would send it back to them. Not that big of a deal.
    I've used this as a day pack many times. It compresses down pretty small with the straps. The torso length is adjustable from 16-21 inches.
    I got the longer one. The description says the shorter one if for a 2" belt. I wear the gun bearer on the winder part of the belt. Works real good
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